Lori Whitlock

5x5 Decorative Box

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This lovely box measures 5x5x4 when complete. It's quite sturdy and makes a great home decor piece! To assemble: 1. fold the bottom feet sections and glue them to each other with the top glue tab. Repeat until it forms a circle. 2. Fold the rest of the "feet" pieces and glue them to form the 4 corners. They should glue to their neighbor forming a nice sturdy "foot" with a triangle that sits on the table. 3. Glue the square on top of the "feet" section. 4. Assemble the box. Glue the box to the top of the "feet" section. 5. Assemble the lid. 6. Attach the 2 half circles as shown with brads to the front of the box and lid. SVG file included.

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