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For those looking for help with your cutting machines. I have a couple of different class options:

  1. I have a brand NEW online classroom at www.cuttingclasses.com. Come join me in a Silhouette or Cricut class! More classes coming.
  2. I have a fantastic Silhouette class offered through Craftsy. I suggest taking this class to gain the skills you'll need to use Silhouette Studio efficiently. You'll gain the confidence and knowledge that will allow you to not only get cutting with your Silhouette, but to really get creative and use the software more fully. I hope to see you in class! Be sure to click HERE to enroll.


I Bought an SVG file, now what?


2 Compartment Cookie Box
2 Compartment Star Box  
2 on 12 x 12 Butterfly Lantern
2 on 12x12 Carrier
2 on 12x12 Perfectly Square Box
2 on 12x12 Ribbon Tie Box
2 on 12x12 No Glue Square Box 
2 on 12x12 Tag Bag
2 on 12x12 Triangle Box 
2-Way Box Card
2x2 Accordion Mini Album
3 Boxes with Tote
3 Stacking Boxes
3-Section Hexagon Box
3.5" Circle Box Assembly Instructions
3x3 Valentine Pop-up Cards
3x3 Pop Up Cards in Cricut Design Space
4 Compartment Organizer Box 
4 Cupcake Box  
4 Drawer Organizer
4.5" Square Beveled Frame
4-Step Card
5 Drawer Organizer Box

5.75" Circle Box Assembly Instructions
6 Mini Milk Cartons + Tote
12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar
12 Sketch Pen Holder (works for 24 Sketch Pen Holder as well)
24-Day Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar
25 Day Countdown
3D 5-Petal Flower
3D Alphabet Letters 
3D Apple      
3D Backpack
3D Beautiful Flower
3D Box Calendar / Block Calendar
3D Box with Flower
3D Box with Handle
3D Cake Stand
3D Camper 
3D Camper Christmas
3D Camper Father's Day
3D Chocolate Bunny Box
3D Church   
3D Coffee Cup 
3D Coffee Cup Round
3D Crate
3D Chrysanthemum
3D Daffodil
3D Desk Organizer
3D Drawer Desk Organizer
3D Father's Day Trophy Box
3D Fishing Tackle Box and 3D Red Toolbox
3D Flip Flop Box
3D Flower Card
3D Flowers  
3D Flower 43
3D Frame Card
3D Gazebo
3D Gingerbread House
3D Grill 
3D Heart Candy Box  
3D House 1      *** NEW ***
3D House 2      *** NEW ***
3D House 3      *** NEW ***
3D House 4
3D House Easter Egg      *** NEW ***
3D House St. Patrick Shamrock      *** NEW ***
3D House Valentine Heart     *** NEW ***
3D Modular Organizer Box
3D Note Box
3D Ornaments 
3D Pickup Truck
3D Pumpkin 
3D Pumpkin (Short, Medium, Tall)
3D Pumpkin Pie  
3D Record Player 
3D Rose
3D Rosettes 
3D Round Coffee Cup
3D Sewing Machine
3D Snow Globe Cards  
3D Snow Globe Cards Set up Silhouette 
3D Snow Globe Cards Set up Cricut
3D Tag Pocket Ring Mini Album
3D Tea Bag Dispenser
3D Teapot
3D Teapot 2
3D Tent Box 
3D Truck Delivery Van   
3D Turkey 2
3D Witch's Boot 
3D Witch Boot 2
3 Tips for No Tear Paper Cutting with Silhouette
3x3 Mini Album with Box Pages
3x4 Bank of Drawers
3x4 Hidden Binding Mini Album
3x4 & 4x6 Library Pocket Mini Album
3x4 & 4x6 Scalloped Pocket Mini Album with Box
4 Compartment Candy Box   
4 Compartment Cookie Box
4 Drawer Organizer
4 K-Cup Box 
4 Step Card 
4th of July Shaker Star
4x4 Pocket Accordion Mini Album
4 & 6 Compartment Tote
4x6 Hidden Binding Mini Album
4x6 Hidden Binding Scalloped Mini Album
4x6 Recipe Caddy
4x6 Storage Box with Dividers
5x5 Accordion Mini Album
5x5 Mini Album With Box
5x5 Never-Ending Card
5x7 Lace Edge Card
5x7 Pop Up Butterfly Card     
5x7 Pop Up Flower Card     
5x7 Shadow Box Cards 
5x7 Shadow Box Card
5x7 Shadow Box Frame
5x7 Tiered Cake Gift Card Holder 
6 Drawer Organizer
6x6 Wiper Cards 
8 Drawer Organizer
8x10 Shadow Box Tips



A2 Box Cards New Method
A2 Cat Tree Pop Up Card
A2 Christmas Scene Pop Up Card
A2 Flip Flap 3 Bars Card  
A2 Happy Birthday Present Pop Up Card
A2 Magazine Holders and Flat Cards  
A2 Pocket Pop Up Card   *** NEW ***
A2 Pop Dot Cards
A2 Pop Out Book Card
A2 Pop Up Birthday Cake Card
A2 Pop Up Round Cake Card
A2 Snow Globe Shaker Cards
A2 Stacked Cards
A2 Stacking Base Card
A2 Stationery Organizer with Drawer
A2 Stretch Card
A2 Swing Through Card  
A2 Tiered Box Card
A2 Window Slider Card
A2 Vertical Card & Envelope Organizer
A2 X Cards
Accordion Book Box Gift Card Holder
Accordion Circle Album
Accordion Flower
Accordion Fold 4x5 Mini Album
Accordion Fold Binding Mini Album  
Accordion Mini Album with Gusset
Accordion Gift Card Booklet
Accordion Mini Album
Accordion Square Album
Acorn Box Tutorial
Advent Calendar 
Advent Calendar Christmas Tree Gifts 
Antique Trunk Box
Awesome Store Flat Box 



Baby Crib/Bed Pop Up Card
Baby Dresser Step Card  
Baby Shoe 
Backpack 2
Basket with Flower
Basket with Handle 
Belly Box Easter Bunny
Bird Cage Assembly Tutorial
Birthday Cake Explosion Box
Birthday Candle Card
Bobble Head Cards
Book Box Assembly Instructions
Box Cards 
Box Card Christmas Sleigh
Box Card Cupcake 2
Box Card Envelope Heart  
Box Card Father's Day Popcorn
Box Card Flower Cart (shown at the end of the video at 16:44)
Box Card Flower Cart Tricycle 
Box Card Food Truck  
Box Card Bottles
Box Card 6 Pack Bottles 
Box Card Father's Day Popcorn
Box Card Mason Jar Bouquet
Box Card Tackle Box
Box Card Teacup 
Box Card Tractor
Box Card Truck
Box Card Truck Front End 
Box Card Truck July 4
Box Card Valentine Camera
Box Christmas Ornaments
Box Card Christmas Sleigh
Box Card Window     *** NEW ***
Bracket Flap Favor Box   
Brother Scan & Cut - Resizing Files
Bushel Basket      



Cake Box
Cake Slice Box
Camera Shaped Box
Camera Pop Up Card  
Camping Back Pack
Candy Box with 4 Scalloped Inserts  
CANVAS - Resizing files
Center Box Card
Center Box Card Father's Day Tools 
Changing Scene Card 
Changing Scene Card - Cricut Setup 
Chapstick Holder
Chest of 3 Drawers
Chick Easter Candy Dispenser
Chipboard Mini Album
Christmas Advent
Christmas Countdown Book  
Christmas Countdown Step Card 
Christmas Ornament Sign 
Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder
Christmas Tree Pop Up Card
Christmas Tree Pop Up Scene Card
Christmas Village: Little Red House  
Circular Pop Up Card   
Coin Purse 
Concave Top No-Glue Box
Cricut All Occasion Box Card Cartridge  
Cricut App - How to Upload SVG Files from Your iPhone
Cricut Explore and SVG Files
Cricut  Print Cut Tutorial    
Cricut Joy and Insert Cards   
Criss-Cross Card 
Cricut Explore Scoring Tutorial  
Cricut Tutorial - Making Shaped Cards
Cricut Tutorial:  Solid vs. Dashed Score Lines SVG Files 
Cupcake Tote 
Curved Top Ribbon Tie No-Gule Box
Cutting Setup for Shadow Box Card Scenes - Brother ScanNCut
Cutting Setup for Shadow Box Card Scenes - Cricut Design Space
Cutting Setup for Shadow Box Card Scenes - Silhouette Studio



Decagon Pop Up Card    
Designing Word Art in Silhouette Studio
Desk Organizer 2
Desk Organizer with Drawer
Diagonal Fold Pop Up Card 
Diamond Fold Card
Dingbats:  How to Use Dingbat Fonts in Silhouette Studio
Divided Bracket Box
Double Box 
Double Flip Card
Double Lever Card
Double Milk Carton Tote
Double Slider Cards
Double Sliding Thank You Card Part 1
Double Sliding Thank You Card Part 2



Easel Cards
Easter Bunny Basket
Easter Bunny Box
Easter Bunny Favor Box
Easter Box Bundle 
Easter Egg Diorama
Easter Egg Shaped Box
Easy Giant Flower
Elephant Baby Card  
Envelope Slide Box 
Explosion Box (Birthday Present, Dinosaur, Flowers, Mermaid, Princess)
Explosion Boxes 
Explosion Boxes (Baby Shoe, Birthday, 4 Gift Boxes, Cupcake Holder, Hydrangea, and Birdhouse)  
Explosion Box Scene  
Explosion Box Tea Cup
Explosion Box Valentines
Extreme Pop Up Card 
Extreme Pop-Up Card Cricut Set-up Dashed Score Lines
Extreme Pop-Up Card Cricut Set-up Solid Score Lines



Fancy Fold Cards  
Fancy Petal Box 
Favor Box with Clear Sides *** NEW ***
File Folder Mini Album
Flat Front Shutter Card
Flexi Cards
Flip Ear Cards
Flip/Swing Card Assembly Tutorial
Floating Easel Card  
Flower Button Card  *** NEW ***
Flower Pot Step Card  
Fold Tuck Cards  
Fold Up Tote Carrier Gift Box *** NEW ***
Font Glyphs in Silhouette Studio on a Mac
Font Glyphs: How to Use Glyphs in Silhouette Studio V4.1  
Fonts - Installing



Gatefold Cross Over Card
Gatefold Shutter Card
Gift Card Box with Easel Card 
Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Wrap Box
Gingerbread House Box
Gingerbread House Treat Box Tote Part 1
Gingerbread House Treat Box Tote Part 2  
Gnome Box 
Gnome Shamrock Box Card
Graduation Hat Gift Card Holder



Halloween Witch Tote Bag
Halloween Canisters and Bottles Assembly  
Halloween Favor Box Coffin  
Handle Box
Hand Sanitizer Holder
Hand Sanitizer Wrapper
Hand Sanitizer Wrapper 2
Hanging Heart Box 
Haunted House Dollhouse 
Haunted House Ornament
Haunted House Village
Heart Closure Box with Heart Band
Heart Shaped Box
Heart Shaped Window Box   
Hexagon Box with Dahlia
Hexagon Easter Bunny Box
Hexagon Petal Top Box 
Hexagon Pop Up Cards   
Hexagon Shadowbox Bicycle
Hidden Binding Suitcase Mini Album
Hidden Box Gatefold Card
Hidden Compartment Book Box   
House Ornament Easter Bundle
House Slide Box
House Step Card


Insta-Cube Card 
Ice Cream Shaped Box  
Impossible Card 
Impossible Card Ages 1-100
Insert Cards    
Insert Card Fold Tuck 
Installing Fonts
Iris Shutter Card   
Iris Shutter Card Brad Method  



K-Cup Carrier (2 and 4 Cup)
K-Cup Ornament



Large Haunted House ***NEW***
Large Haunted House 2
Large Haunted House 3
Large Haunted House Centerpiece
Large Store Flat Box
Large Tote Carrier
Lever Cards
Light Box
Light Up Cards
Lori Whitlock Introduction
Lori Whitlock SVG Files with Brother Scan and Cut
Lori Whitlock Sizzix Release Winter 2014



Magic Cards
Magic Slider Cards
Magazine Holder with Shelves
Marquee Letters
Mason Jar Box Card
Matchbox Drawer Explosion Box
Matchbox Drawer Card
Matchbox Gift Card Holder
Matchbox Suitcase
Memorydex Box and Cards 
Milk Carton Bird House
Milk Carton Box Assembly Instructions 
Mini Coffee Cup Holder
Mini Coffee Cup Tote
Mini Albums
Mini Mailbox  
Mini Mailbox Treat Holder 
Mini Vertical Mailbox
Mitten Gift Card Holder    
Money Roll Gift Bag  
Mother's Day Hat Box
Multi Flap Mini Album




Nativity Star Lightbox Centerpiece  
Never Ending Card 5x5
Never Ending Hexagon Card
No Glue 5.5" Mailer
No Glue A2 Card Box
No Glue Favor Box
No Glue Gift Box 
Nugget Snowman



Ornament Boxes
Oval Box
Oven Cookie Box
Oven Cupcake Box
Owl Pillow Box
Owl Purse



Paper Bag
Paper Succulents
Peek-A-Boo Cards
Penny Slider Cards
Peony Flower 
Pillar Signs 
Pillow Box with Handl
Pinwheel 3
Pinwheel Flower
Pocket Explosion Box
Pocket Mini Album
Pocket Ring Mini Album
Polygon Boxes
Polygon Box with Petal Top
Pop Dot Cards
Pop Up Box Cards
Pop Up Cake Slice Card
Pop Up Card (Apple, Barn, Cat, Dog, Fish, Flower, Teapot) 
Pop Up Cards
Pop Up Card Barn
Pop Up Card Birthday   
Pop Up Card Cat and Dog
Pop Up Card House  
Pop Up Card Puns
Pop Up Card with Flap
Pop Up Drawer Card
Pop Up Drawer  
Pop Up Flower Card
Pop Up Gift Card Holder
Princess Castle Pop Up Card
Pull Up Accordion Card 
Purse 1
Purse 4
Purse 6
Purse 9 
Purse with Pocket  



Recipe Box  
Rectangle Box with Dahlia 
Rectangle Pop Up Card   
Record Card
Ribbon Organizer Dispenser
Rolled Flowers
Round Ornament 
Round Pop Up Card  



Santa Gift Card Holder
Santa Pants Box  
Scan & Cut - Resizing Files
Shadow Box Assembly Tutorial Part 1
Shadow Box Assembly Tutorial Part 2
Shadow Box Assembly Tutorial Part 3 
Shadow Box Card ***NEW***
Shadowbox Card Front Flap   
Shadow Box Cards With Hidden Binding
Shadow Box Card Scene 
Shadow Box Décor 1776
Shadow Box Gift Card Bag
Shaker Window Round Box 
Shaped Box Cards 101  
Shaped Frames
Shaped Pop Up Card (Apple, Barn, Cat, Dog, Fish, Flower, Teapot)
Side Step Tool Box Card
Side Tuck Self Closing Box
Silhouette Cameo Getting Started
Silhouette Cameo Intro
Silhouette Changing the Thickness of a Font  
Silhouette Cut Lines and SVG Files
Silhouette Print and Cut Tutorial
Silhouette Pop Up Creator
Silhouette Studio in a Nutshell
Single Cookie Oven Box 
Sizzix Cupcake Box
Sizzix Summer 2014 Release
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 4" x 6" Frame with Easel 
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Chalkboard Easel Card
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Door Hanger 
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set Double Tote 
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set Lip Balm Holder 
Sizzix Thinlits Die Set - Gable Box
Sliding Card
Slider Card   
Slider Window Card
Sliding Shadow Box Card 
Sliding Candle Cupcake Card
Sliding Gift Card Holder Part 1
Sliding Gift Card Holder Part 2
Snowglobe Box Card
Spiral Flowers
Spring House Box
Square Birthday Cake Favor Boxes
Square Favor Box with Handle
Square Mini Album
Square Pillow Box
Square Pocket Mini Album
Stacking Base Cards
Stationery Box 
Stationery Box 2
Step Cards  
Sticky Note Calendar
Store Flat Box
Strawberry Carton Box Card  
Suitcase Favor Box 
Sunshine Box
Surprise Twist Birthday Card
Surprise Window Card    
SVG Files and Cricut Explore
Swing Through Card



Tag Wrap Gift Box
Tear Strip

Telescoping Card
Tied Pyramid Top Box
Tiered Gift Card Holder 
Toolbox Tote
Tote Organizer
Triangle Party Favor Box
Tri-Fold Step Card
Trifold Shadowbox Card
Triangle Petal Top Favor Box
Tri-Shutter Card
Tulip Box Card
Twist Pop Card
Tuxedo Box Card  


Unicorn Cake Topper Table Decor


Valentine Birdhouse
Valentine Kisses & Nuggets Heart Boxes
Valentine Mailbox (slip off lid)
Valentine Mailbox (with door on front) 
Valentine Mini Mailbox Treat Holder
Vanity Pop Up Card
Vertical Life Card Storage Box 
Vintage Bucket       



Wallet Mini Album
Waterfall Card
Watering Can Box Card
Window Box Card    *** NEW ***
Window Flip Card   *** NEW ***
Witch Boot Treat Box
Wiper Cards  
Work Bench Pop Up Card
Woven Easter Basket Assembly Tutorial


XL Box Card Flower Truck
XOXO Scalloped Rosette Banner


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